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Prop Trading 101-img

Prop Trading 101

Want to trade to earn a full-time income without having to slowly build up a small account? This course covers everything you need to know and do before taking on a prop firm trading challenge.


Breaking through the boom & bust cycle-img

Breaking Through The Boom & Bust Cycle

In this course, Pat covers everything a trader needs to know about their psychology in the markets and how to deal with losses and wins.


Forex Trading Masterclass-img

Forex Trading Masterclass

This course will teach you our simple and profitable trading strategy based on price action which will allow you to spot opportunities in the markets and capitalize on them. Your instructor will be Ron, a highly experienced trader.


The Chart Analysis Course-img

The Chart Analysis Course

This course is closely related to the "Technical Analytics Course" although, the instructor takes a deeper dive into how to read a chart. You also will learn how to interpret charts and make trades based on that information.


Learn about Cryptocurrencies-img

Learn About Cryptocurrencies

Did you ever want to learn about Cryptocurrencies but felt too intimidated to dive in? Well, take my hand and let's take the journey together! I've made this course an entry-level explanation and introduction to cryptocurrency technologies, markets, and future plans. I am excited for the opportunity to be the person who opens your eyes to new worlds of technology, investing and honestly just having plain old fun with Cryptocurrencies and NFTs!


Common Trading methods-img

Common Trading Methods

Pine Street Capital Beginners course will give you a great introduction to trading. Ron teaches students about common trading methods, money management skills and basic trading psychology.


The Technical Analytics Course-img

The Technical Analytics Course

This course focuses on technical improvements a trader can make. Measuring is the first step to understanding. Knowing how to read charts is elementary to a trading career. The course is suitable for all.


Money making machines!-img

Money Making Machines!

Don't be intimidated be INTERESTED! Cryptocurrency mining and Farming puts money back in your pocket. No, its not that complicated its actually really easy. I can help streamline the process, give tips and tricks, and offer suggestions on how to invest your crypto once you have it! Bringing years of experience and slimming it down to a quick course where I can show you how much you have been missing out! Remind me again why you didn't do this years ago?!


Experienced Traders Course-img

Experienced Traders Course

Basics matter, a lot. However, this course focuses on the advanced concepts of trading. The more you know, the better. In this course, Frank explains complex concepts for all to understand.


Forex beginners course-img

Forex Beginners Course

Frank's Forex Beginners Course is recommended to everyone who visits this website. The sublime explanations and videos make this course an unforgettable experience. Don't believe me? See for yourself.


Trading Plans Course - Becky Hayman-img

Trading Plans Course - Becky Hayman

Trading can be a minefield - what do I trade? When do I trade it? How often? How do I know what to do? Even after years of trial and error, many traders struggle with these questions. This course is designed to unfog the mist. Clear up these questions for you as a unique person and trader. This course will explore: Defining goals for your trading and investing Defining the style of trader that suits you best Defining which asset classes (types of market) make most sense for you as a trader Understanding capital allocation and risk Defining a strategy to use when trading Defining the particulars of a methodology Deciding on platforms, brokers and a routine Condensing your plan into an easy-to-use format Understanding all of these elements towards the beginning of our trading careers can save a lot of wasted time and money trading something that wasn't right for us in the first place.  Remember - Plan the Trade, and Trade the Plan!


Introduction To Options Trading-img

Introduction To Options Trading

Have you ever wanted to trade stock Options but never had the chance to learn? Today I am super excited to get the chance to be your instructor! I jam-packed this video with value, some jokes, and smiles all along the way. We'll cover Puts, Calls, Spreads, Strike Dates, Strike Prices, and ways they all intermingle. I'll use both visual walkthroughs as well as instructional portions to make sure you are understanding!


Technical Trading Insights-img

Technical Trading Insights

This course will take you from start to finish on the basics of Trading Stocks. the course is in a very simple to follow video format and contains amazing Golden nuggets of information, and is the flash-forward way to success in the stock market. The course will cover unique simple ways to understand support and resistance. It will teach you where to buy and sell your position and what time frames to use to read key volume levels and manage your risk to reduce the losses and increase the winning trades. This is the flash-forward enjoy


The Complete Options Masterclass-img

The Complete Options Masterclass

Want to grow a small account or create monthly income from your long term portfolio safely? Check out this options masterclass that will teach you everything from A-Z including the best strategies for every investing and trading style! I also include my personal monthly income strategy. A must watch course for all people!


Forex Trading Blueprint-img

Forex Trading Blueprint

Trading geek presents their beginner's course on Forex trading. All the in's and out's. Tips, strategies and more.


Winning Patterns-img

Winning Patterns

This is the advanced course following on from the beginner's course. Here the content gets juicy. When I discovered how to read and trade patterns on a daily basis it changed my trading style and I started to make money in the stock market. In this course, I will teach you how to read and trade some of my most advanced patterns that work with a huge success rate. It will cover where to enter and exit each pattern what to look out for and how to spot them on the chart with little effort. This section is the game changer when trading stocks or any other crypto or ETF. I hope you guys enjoy this, it will change your trading style. Guaranteed


Cryptocurrency For Beginners-img

Cryptocurrency For Beginners

Welcome to the 'Cryptocurrency | Wallets, Investing & Trading’ masterclass! Are you ready to step into the exciting world of cryptocurrency? Discover everything you need to get started with bitcoin, ethereum & other cryptocurrencies. This top rated course will provide the knowledge you need to start strategically building your own cryptocurrency portfolio. The cryptocurrency market continues to grow each year. Don’t be late to the party, and get started with cryptocurrency today. Whether you're a beginner looking to make your first cryptocurrency purchase, or an experienced cryptocurrency investor looking to learn new trading & investing strategies, this masterclass is for you! What’s Inside: - Introduction To Cryptocurrency & Blockchain - How to Purchase Cryptocurrency - Cryptocurrency Wallet Types & Storage - How To Use Cryptocurrency - Cryptocurrency Investing Strategies - Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies - And Tons More! How To Purchase Cryptocurrency Learn the best methods to safely purchase your cryptocurrency. There are now many ways available to purchase cryptocurrency. Follow along step-by-step as we go through the process of purchasing cryptocurrency in a variety of methods, from online exchanges to bitcoin ATMs! Purchasing Cryptocurrency: - Learn about bitcoin & other cryptocurrency types - Get started on Coinbase - Online exchanges for cryptocurrency - Purchasing from a bitcoin ATM - And More! Let’s build your cryptocurrency portfolio the right way! Cryptocurrency Wallet Storage Select the right wallet to securely store your cryptocurrency. Learn how to use various wallet types to securely store bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies. There are multiple cryptocurrency wallet options available to choose from to store your cryptocurrency. Explore the features & benefits of each wallet type, so you can decide which option is best for you. The wallet type you select will depend on the cryptocurrency investing strategy you wish to implement. Setting up a cryptocurrency wallet can be a frustrating process to attempt alone. Follow me through the entire process of adding cryptocurrency to each wallet type, so you can easily secure your cryptocurrency. Wallets Types Include: - Hardware Wallets - Desktop Wallets - Paper Wallets - and More! Cryptocurrency Investing For Beginners Learn strategic cryptocurrency investing methods to add cryptocurrency to your portfolio at the best prices possible. I share multiple cryptocurrency investing strategies that you can use to strategically accumulate & invest in cryptocurrency. Investing strategies such as dollar cost averaging and diversification will help you build a solid long term cryptocurrency portfolio. Other investing topics we will discuss include how to invest in ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), and even basic terminology used by cryptocurrency investors & traders! Cryptocurrency Investing Strategies Include: - Averaging In - Contrarian Investing - Diversification - and More! How To Trade Cryptocurrency Discover how to use proven technical analysis strategies for cryptocurrency trading. Learn how to implement basic technical analysis strategies to use for cryptocurrency trading. I demonstrate multiple trading strategies, such as how to analyze cryptocurrency charts, and use various technical indicators such as moving averages & the MACD for cryptocurrency trading. Whether you're a long term investor or short term day trader, these strategies will help you make more profitable trading decisions - buy low & sell high with technical trading! Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies Include: - Top trading mistakes made by beginners - Read & analyze cryptocurrency charts - Technical indicators for cryptocurrency trading - Cryptocurrency trading tips & strategies - and More! Get Started Today! I encourage you to take a moment to check out the course curriculum & free preview videos, so you can see all of the valuable information we will be covering. If you enroll now, you will finally have the knowledge you need to start building your cryptocurrency portfolio. Enroll now and let’s get started...