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How to Trade Flags

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Setting Up Indicators How to draw your flags Trading Criteria and How to Execute Putting it all together

by Antonny

Hi there, welcome to the Flags Trading course!

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On this course you'll learn how to trade flags the same way he trades it. Providing full transparency and sharing with you not only the concepts of how to trade it but also every intricate detail that gives you an extra edge when trading this style. It’s a 2-3RR strategy that has on average a 50-60% win rate so it's only up to you to back test the criteria and plan given consistently and learn to draw correctly.

Expected result on completing the course

But there’s more, you’ll be getting 24/7 Support from the instructor via WhatsApp, he will divulge his own personal Trading Plan with you, he’ll provide with you Trading Checklist. Also in the course content has been simplified and very easy to learn and he make sure that the learning period wont take so much of your time.

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