Market Psychology

Section 1: Mindset Mastery part 1

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by Pat

You've done your research, you've identified a trend and you're ready to take action. But before you place that trade, how do you make sure that it's the right one? You can't rely on your gut feeling. The market is too fast and too volatile. There will be times when your intuition tells you to get out of the market but that's just fear talking. In this course we’ll look at everything a trader needs to know about their psychology in the markets and how to deal with losses and wins. Pat will help you improve your skills so that they become instinctual and you can react quickly and confidently when trading.

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This course will help you: 1. Understand the psychology of trading 2. Turn your emotions into profits 3. Master your own thoughts and actions 4. Increase your confidence in trading 5. Build a portfolio for consistent profits

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Pat Bailouni is a mindset & performance consultant for financial market traders. He uses his knowledge of human behaviour and psychology to progress serious traders. Keeping your emotions in control while trading is key. Pat can help you improve that skill.

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