Prop Trading 101

Lesson 01 - What is Prop Trading?

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by Andrew

If you're looking to trade prop trading, then this course is for you. It will teach you everything you need to know about how prop firms work and what they require from their traders. From the basics of what prop trading is, to how to set up your own trading account. This course is made for advanced traders who are consistently making winning trades. Prop firms are keen to work with people like yourself. This course will show you how to get your foot in the door with some of the best prop firms out there.

More about the course

This course will help you understand what prop trading is, selecting a prop trading challenge, adapting your strategy, discipline and psychology up to how to pass and create a portfolio of prop trading accounts.

Expected result on completing the course

Andrew is a Ph.D. student in the field of Business and Entrepreneurship, a day trader of Forex markets, and CEO/Founder of Disciplined FX, an online educational resource for traders seeking to develop more responsible day trading behaviours.

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