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Support and Resistance - part 1

Support and Resistance - part 2

Support Whole Dollar

Time frames to use

The Spread

Risk and Reward

Pre-market high

Buying pull back

False breakout

by Flash

This course will take you from start to finish on the basics of Trading Stocks. the course is in a very simple to follow video format and contains amazing Golden nuggets of information, and is the flash-forward way to success in the stock market. The course will cover unique simple ways to understand support and resistance. It will teach you where to buy and sell your position and what time frames to use to read key volume levels and manage your risk to reduce the losses and increase the winning trades. This is the flash-forward enjoy

More about the course

The Flash forward trading course has worked on this course for a year! Everything had to be perfect before release according to Jordan. From the information, it is clear to see all the effort Jordan and his team put in to make this an amazing course. You will learn Jordan's tips and tricks on how to place great trades.

About the instructor

Jordan is the founder of Trading with Flash, a company that he founded approximately 5 years ago. Previous to his current duties as a day trader and founding of Trading with Flash, he once was a semi-professional wrestler. His plunge into the world of day trading inspired him as news of impending fatherhood became known and wanted to make a better like for his future child.

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