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by Flash

This is the advanced course following on from the beginner's course. Here the content gets juicy. When I discovered how to read and trade patterns on a daily basis it changed my trading style and I started to make money in the stock market. In this course, I will teach you how to read and trade some of my most advanced patterns that work with a huge success rate. This section is the game changer when trading stocks or any other crypto or ETF. I hope you guys enjoy this, it will change your trading style. Guaranteed.

More about the course

In this course, Jordan explains how to identify winning patterns. The ability to spot chart patterns comes with experience and time. The winning patterns video series will help you recognize and easily identify winning patterns.

About the instructor

Jordan is the founder of Trading with Flash, a company that he founded approximately 5 years ago. Previous to his current duties as a day trader and founding of Trading with Flash, he once was a semi-professional wrestler. His plunge into the world of day trading inspired him as news of impending fatherhood became known and wanted to make a better like for his future child.

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