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Build a mining rig

by Kevin

Don't be intimidated be INTERESTED! Cryptocurrency mining and Farming puts money back in your pocket. No, its not that complicated its actually really easy. I can help streamline the process, give tips and tricks, and offer suggestions on how to invest your crypto once you have it! Bringing years of experience and slimming it down to a quick course where I can show you how much you have been missing out! Remind me again why you didn't do this years ago?!

More about the course

Kevin reveals the secret of how you can make your computer into a money making machine. This will not allow you to quit your day-job but it will provide an extra source of income. Your computer can mine cryptocurrencies. There is a lot more information in the course and it is very much worth it.

About the instructor

Kevin, has a bachelor's degree in Economics and works as a Senior Systems Engineer in Computer Security. This combination of experience has made it easy for him to adopt and understand cryptocurrencies, the metaverse and NFTs. Kevin also uses his background to trade the stock market looking for safe low risk trades that he can use to build his portfolio. He would like to share his experiences, explain how things work and prepare individuals for a bright future of investments and technology!

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