Forex Trading Blueprint

What Lot Size to Use

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What Lot Size to Use

Support and Resistance

Japanese Candlesticks

Market Structure

Chart Patterns

Trendlines & Market Directions

Japanese Candlesticks part 2

Top Down Analysis

Creating a Trading Plan

How to calculate Pips & pip value

Trading Psychology

by Brad

Trading geek presents their beginner's course on Forex trading. All the in's and out's. Tips, strategies and more.

More about the course

New traders naturally have many questions about how to trade the right way, where they fit in to the grand scheme of things. If you’re interested in learning about how to actually become a successful and profitable trader, this is the right course for you.

About the instructor

Brad is here to help to simplify trading to beginners and to educate aspiring traders! Brad will be covering all aspects of day trading, Forex and cryptocurrencies as well as stocks and indices.

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