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Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Essentials The Future of Blockchain Technology & Cryptocurrency Introduction | Why Cryptocurrency?

Coinbase Mobile App | Download & Review Getting Started on Coinbase | Create Your Account Make Your First Cryptocurrency Purchase | Coinbase Tools & Features Bittrex | Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Overview Bifinex | Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Overview Purchase Cryptocurrency | Section Overview Bitcoin ATM | How To Purchase From A Bitcoin ATM Make A Purchase Using Bitcoin | How To Use Cryptocurrency Kraken | Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Overview Binance | Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Overview

Cryptocurrency Wallets | Section Overview Online Wallets | Best For Purchasing & Trading Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallets | Long Term Storage & Large Amounts of Cryptocurrency Desktop Wallets | Manage Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio on Your Desktop Mobile Wallets | Simple & Easy Way To Store Your Cryptocurrency Paper Wallets | Free Option To Securely Store Cryptocurrency

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) | Averaging Into Positions Cryptocurrency Investing Strategies | Section Overview Just HODL It! | Strategy Of 'HODLing On For Dear Life' Contrarian Investing | Using The RSI To Buy 'The Dips' Diversification | Diversify Your Portfolio Long Term Storage Options | Wallets For Cryptocurrency Investing Investor Terminology | Slang & Terminology Used By Cryptocurrency Investors Support Levels | Finding Support Levels & Setting Price Alerts

How To Trade Cryptocurrency | Section Overview How To Place Trades on Trading Exchanges | Transfer & Trade Cryptocurrency Top Mistakes Made By New Traders | Avoid These! How To Read & Understand Candlestick Charts Moving Averages | Moving Average Crossover Strategy For Trading Indicators & Overlays | Candlestick Chart Technical Analysis MACD | Using The Moving Average Convergence (Divergence) Oscillator For Trading Technical vs Fundamental Trading | Trading Styles Review Technical Analysis for Cryptocurrency | Introduction To Technical Analysis Bollinger Bands | Using Bollinger Bands For Trading & Measuring Volatility Support & Resistance Levels | Finding Support & Resistance Levels For Trading RSI (Relative Strength Index) | Find Overbought & Oversold Entry Points Crypto Stocks & ETFs | Trade Cryptocurrency Volatility With Stocks & ETFs

Getting started on Steemit | Earn Crypto For Blogging

by Jason

Welcome to the 'Cryptocurrency | Wallets, Investing & Trading’ masterclass! Are you ready to step into the exciting world of cryptocurrency? Discover everything you need to get started with bitcoin, ethereum & other cryptocurrencies. This top rated course will provide the knowledge you need to start strategically building your own cryptocurrency portfolio. The cryptocurrency market continues to grow each year. Don’t be late to the party, and get started with cryptocurrency today.

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Jason from Quantum leap commerce present a in-depth course on cryptocurrencies, crypto wallets and investing. This course will cover how to trade and invest in cryptocurrency and how to build a portfolio. Step by step introduction on how to become a cryptocurrency pro.

About the instructor

Jason Gandy graduated from Georgia Southern University with a business degree in Information Systems. He is a serial entrepreneur that has built multiple online businesses, specializing in eCommerce and online marketing. He also has a vast amount of experience with stock trading, cryptocurrency and investing.

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