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by Wael

Trading Shapes is a trading education platform that helps traders connect to the market, without emotion. They host weekly webinars where they discuss their trades and give live access on how they trade. This course is a collection of previous live trading sessions Wael has hosted, including his live stream in which he discusses his trades and gives live access on how he trades.

More about the course

The market is a chaotic place, and you need a strategy that will keep you safe. You can't just trade stocks without knowing how to read charts. You need to know what to look for, and how to evaluate the stock. This webinar course is designed to bring you up-to-speed on how to evaluate stocks and see which action an experienced trader will take. It's all about the fundamentals, technicals, and psychology that make up your trading strategy.

Expected result on completing the course

Wael is a trading mentor and educator with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He is here to help you connect to the market without emotion. Trading Shapes connects you to a community of traders where you will see trades take shape, including entry and exit areas. Wael takes the fundamental, technical and psychological aspects of analysis to provide a solid trading strategy.

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