Trading Coaches Awards - May 2022

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Jayson Casper

Jayson Casper is the winner of this month's instructors award. His passionate, in-detail explanation of technical analysis amazed us. He streams multiple times per week.

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75.6K Subscribers
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Jarrad Morrow

Jarrad, an investor with 10 years of experience is an instructor we believe should be in the top 3. The video quality and clearness are what drove us to award Jarrad. He uploads new videos on a bi-weekly basis.

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82K Subscribers
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Zach Humphries

Zach's motto is "Constant Growth in all facets of life" - his videos put that motto in action. The channel mainly covers crypto-related topics such as altcoins. Zach posts new videos multiple times a day!

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79.7k Subscribers
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Riley Coleman

Riley has a unique way of explaining difficult concepts in easy-to-understand language. This approach helps newcomers build confidence. Riley took some time off uploading on YouTube. He is back now, uploading 2 videos per week.

81K Subscribers
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Meir Barak - Tradenet Day Trading Academy

Meir has the most consistent thumbnails on this list. The videos on the channel are of great quality. We like how complicated topics are explained with ease. The frequency of new uploads are two to three times per week.

96.4K Subscribers
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Ryan Matta

Ryan is a cryptocurrency enthusiast with 8 years experience of investing in crypto. He streams on a regular basis, almost daily. Many of the videos take a deep dive into the developments in the crypto space. Kadena is a crypto Ryan covers often.

66.2K Subscribers
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Tim Bohen - Stocks To Trade

Stocks to Trade is the only channel that promotes a proprietary tool. The instructor's focus is mainly on technical analysis, with the help of their charting tool. Their strategies are based on Timothy Sykes's winning day trading strategies.

95.7K Subscribers
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Prestige Options

Prestige options do the complicated task of reviewing new and old services in the trading market. Video quality is good and they upload new content on a weekly basis.

78.5K Subscribers
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Matt Giannino - Market Moves

Matt is a full-time options trader. His video style is short and impactful. What stands out is the posting frequency. You can expect daily content to keep you in the loop.

88.2K Subscribers
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Hussain - Everything presidential

Hussain from Everything presidential mainly makes videos about Cryptocurrencies. The content type is strategical information, occasionally he provides technical analysis. The upload frequency is once every two months.

61.7k Subscribers
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On this list, Forex Dini has the strongest following. Each video he posts receives a large number of views. The quality of the information is good.

93.4K Subscribers
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Torin Hofmann

Torin's content is well researched and well presented. He mainly covers crypto-related topics such as NFTs. He uploads content on a weekly basis.

73.7K Subscribers
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Rob Booker

Rob has a long-standing background in trading. His channel helps viewers to build a passive income. He posts new videos on a weekly basis. The thumbnails are not great but the quality of the video is.

100K Subscribers
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Rico Copeland

Rico is inviting viewers to join him on his journey. The journey to financial independence through trading. The channel mainly covers NFT-related topics. New videos are published 3 to 4 times a week.

78.1K Subscribers
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Mind Math Money

Mind Math Money combines intuition, technical analysis, and past events to analyze the market. The channel is mainly focused on the Crypto markets. The post frequency is multiple times a day!

89.8K Subscribers
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Arie Scherson

Arie has a unique approach to financial independence. He combines his crypto knowledge with Shopify knowledge, creating great insight into a new avenue. He also posts new long-form videos frequently.

92.8K Subscribers
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Sajad's channel is all about NFTs and technical analysis. This market is new and exciting. The channel provides in-depth information about NFT trading.

85.1K Subscribers
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Paul J Lipsky

Paul's channel is not fully dedicated to trading, he also covers drop shipping and Facebook marketplace hacks. We included him in our list because of the great trading bot reviews! Paul posts a new video 2 to 3 times a week.

86.4K Subscribers
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Forex Trading Worker

The Forex Trading Worker channel is dedicated to beginners who want to make a start in the foreign exchange market. The thumbnails are not great but the quality information makes up for that.

81.3K Subscribers
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Alex Temiz - My investing club

MIC or My Investing Club is a channel dedicated to creating a community of like-minded people who are interested in day trading. The channel produces a lot of short clips on a consistent basis.

64.5K Subscribers