Trading Plan Course

Section 1: Trading Plans Intro and Contents

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Intro and Contents

Trading Plans Defining Goals

Trading Plans Define Your Style

Defining Asset Class

Defining Markets

Defining Capital and Risk

Defining Strategy

Defining Methodology

Defining Your Routine


by Becky

The Trading Plan Course is designed to help traders understand the importance of having a trading plan.

More about the course

This course will cover: What is a Trading Plan? What are the disadvantages of not having a trading plan? How does a successful trading plan look like? What are the most common mistakes made when writing a trading plan? The course is based on the philosophy - "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail". Having a trading plan makes all the difference in your progress. In this course you will learn about common trading plan mistakes, how it should look like and defining your goals.

Expected result on completing the course

Trading can be a minefield - what do I trade? When do I trade it? How often? How do I know what to do? Even after years of trial and error, many traders struggle with these questions on a daily basis. Becky helps beginners navigate all these questions and much more.

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