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Cryptocurrencies for Beginners

by Kevin

Did you ever want to learn about Cryptocurrencies but felt too intimidated to dive in? Well, take my hand and let's take the journey together! I've made this course an entry-level explanation and introduction to cryptocurrency technologies, markets, and future plans. I am excited for the opportunity to be the person who opens your eyes to new worlds of technology, investing and honestly just having plain old fun with Cryptocurrencies and NFTs!

More about the course

In this course, Kevin covers cryptocurrency for beginners. The light-hearted, playful style of Kevin makes learning fun and entertaining. The course is suited for everyone who wants to know more about cryptocurrencies.

About the instructor

Kevin, has a bachelor's degree in Economics and works as a Senior Systems Engineer in Computer Security. This combination of experience has made it easy for him to adopt and understand cryptocurrencies, the metaverse and NFTs. Kevin also uses his background to trade the stock market looking for safe low risk trades that he can use to build his portfolio. He would like to share his experiences, explain how things work and prepare individuals for a bright future of investments and technology!

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