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What type of investor are you?

Find out what type of investor you are by answering 6 entertaining questions.

How quickly do you do something?



1. When you were in school and you had to do a school project how would you approach the task?

How much of other people’s advice do you follow?



2. Your friend recommends a movie, how likely is the chance that you will watch it?

How much of the stuff that you have do you keep?



3. Imagine you find your favourite blanket behind the fridge, dirty and smudged up with no chance of recovering it to its old state. What would you do?

How much patience do you have?



4. You’ve been planning for weeks to meet with a group of old friends, the day is finally here but they are 30 minutes late and you haven’t heard from them yet. What would you do?

How much of other people’s advice do you follow?



5. It is 2014, you’ve heard of a massive opportunity to make money through a new financial innovation, what would you do?

How much of the stuff that you have do you keep?



6. Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: The government should penalise citizens who don’t recycle their plastic.

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